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make life questionable
the question mark
leaves death unanswered
we live in
present tenses
of simple sentences
we bear it we fear it
we've grown to hate
the tyranny
of declarative sentences
and we've had enough
of structural linguistics
imperative moods
hold sway
over our feelings
we'd like to believe
in verb tenses
but only on condition
our grammatical rules
the proper names
the double negatives
what kind how many adjectives
all of them were
in a colorless century
for freedom
we have nothing definite
all pro-
nouns seem to be possessive
they run amok
with or without
indefinite articles
we learn conditionally
if only the syntax
let us
we'd do away with
the subjunctive
and the comparative degree
and in the worst way
the predicate
would not be missing
from our inactive sentences
every subject
would know its task
let this be the lesson of the past
let this be the object of tomorrow
a theme for today's dream

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