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body soul
coated coated
something black
black heavy stone
heavy stone
pressing down
killing pressing
this great love
black love
depressing love
glowing and torching
torching burning
I burn torching
fire my body
cool my soul
cool my body
inflame my soul
soul in flames
black glowing stone
glowing stone inflames
my cool soul
my soul in ashes
in ashes covering
covering with ashes
glowing-longing for ashes
your smile smoulders
smoulders smile
glowing-life in ashes
on coals a cookie
cookie you
you cookie
take me
me take
bite smiling
smiling bite
eat you
with you live some
coddle coddle
baked story
story coddle
soft little bread
piece you
from you I tear
crust coddle
soak you with tears
with my tears soak you
call you my bread
my soul my body
braided braided
heavy stone black
black heavy stone
red ruddy

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