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Many years ago we took a spiral notebook and started to write down the names of people who were related to us. We started with our siblings, their spouses, their spouses' siblings, and on and on. At each step we also recorded the names of their children and parents. After we had collected a bunch of data we looked at several genealogy programs to help us organize it. We soon decided that we needed a program that could handle more than just a family tree. We needed a program that could handle a whole forest of family trees. Since we couldn't find any such program we decided to write our own using Dave Fulton's FoxBase+.
In 1994 we only had about 2000 names in our data base and compiled them in book called "Családerdö", which is Hungarian for family forest. By 1996 we had collected more than 5000 names and published an update to our "Családerdö". We are still collecting names, but are not planning to reprint the book. Instead we have posted our accumulated information on the internet in a mySQL data base. The server side programs that access the data are written in PHP.

If you are related to anyone in our database we would very much appreciate your sending us information about yourself and your family. We are looking primarily for names, dates of birth, dates of marriage, and dates of death.
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